Santiago Marin


“My time with SASE began two years ago after I attended my first SASE Regional Conference in 2014. The professional and encouraging environment that was presented before me drew my attention, but it was the friendliness and the feeling of home that SASE members showed me which made me want to be a part of this great organization. Last year I had the pleasure of serving as the Programming Director for the 2015 SASE Southeast Regional Conference, and after bringing in several companies and experiencing what conference planning was like, I felt that I could make the step up to executive director. The people I have had to fortune to work with both this year and the last are all great leaders and aspiring scientists and engineers, and I couldn’t have asked for better.

This year I’m proud to announce that we have added an entire extra workshop block, and brought in several more companies than in the years past. And I’m also proud to work alongside a new team of co-hosts coming from North Carolina State University, the University of Miami, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. The visible increase in membership within our chapter, coupled with the interest that neighboring chapters have shown, demonstrates how strong SASE’s ability is to continue growing over the next few years. Seeing progress develop before my eyes and watching everyone’s hard work is coming together makes me really excited for conference this upcoming weekend. I hope to see you there!”