Thien Tran

“I believe if there is a great opportunity, you should take it. If there’s no great opportunity, create it. SASE Regional Conference is about creating opportunity for students to connect with inspiring leaders through networking and developing their creative confidence through unique workshops. This is my third year in a director position for SASE regional conference because it provides me the opportunity to bring new value to my surrounding community. 

My vision for SERC is to become the prime driver of regional conferences in this region for leadership development in science, engineering, and technology. This conference has brought together many corporate sponsors to help host 16 workshops ranging from personal and professional development to financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and technology. I hope this conference sets a caliber that other upcoming conferences can look up to and for attendees to see the value from the knowledge and skills they’ll gain.

The best part of conference is what happens behind the scenes. My joy comes from seeing our passionate committee members step out their comfort zone and collectively work together to bring value to their community.

I look forward to seeing the results of mixing passionate students with inspiring leaders. Hopefully, strong bonds and connections will occur and opportunities are form. That is how I found my supportive network, and I hope the attendees will find or strengthen theirs. Join us this weekend and let’s go beyond expectations!”