William Reuangrith


“I joined SASE a little over one and a half years ago and during the first GBM, I really wanted to be part of the SASE family. I identified with the club’s mission as I also sought to develop myself professionally, but also as an Asian. The members and eboard seemed very friendly and bright, and encouraged me to become involved. I signed up for last year’s Southeast Regional Conference and became a Finance Committee member. I saw significant growth in my professionalism, prompting me to not only stay with SASE but to also move onto Treasurer. When UF was given the opportunity to host the Regional Conference again for the third year in a row, I immediately sought out and applied for the Finance Director position.
As Finance Director, my favorite aspect of working on the conference was getting to know those on my team, and bringing new ideas to the table. I hope that as the semester comes to a close and the conference draws near, my committee will have performed their best. I enjoy seeing and helping others grow, and I think that being head of my committee not only allows them to grow, but also gives me the opportunity to grow my own leadership and time management skills.
I’m looking forward to meeting all the different SASE people in our region, and officially meeting members from our co-hosts. But what I’m especially looking forwards to is all the great speakers and events that the directors and committee members have been working hard on to prepare for.”