Logistics Committee

The Logistics Committee is made possible by the efforts of Trang Leminh, Kate Shin, Kelland Xue, Vanessa Wu, Calvin Yeung, Philly Tang, Natalia Diaz and Royce Reyes.

What does your committee do?
The Logistics committee is in charge of attendee registration, catering for the conference meals, hotel accommodations, and securing venues for the day of conference workshops along with dinners and socials.

What is something new your committee is doing this year for SERC?
We are creating a carpool system for out-of-town attendees as well as a “SASE BnB” where non-UF attendees could opt to stay with a fellow UF SASE member instead of renting a hotel room.

What is your committee most excited for?
We are looking forward to the conference being held at the newly renovated Reitz Union as well as Regional Conference board getting to see months of hard work pay off.