Trang Leminh

“I joined SASE my sophomore year in hopes to develop my technical and soft skills. When I signed up to work with the Logistics committee for the Southeast Regional Conference 2015, I found that I was challenged and forced to work outside of my comfort zone. By the day of conference, I was so excited and proud of what the Regional Conference board had created and knew that I wanted to strive for more come the 2016 conference. When I found out that UF SASE would again be hosting SERC, I was excited to sign up for the Logistics Director position. I want to ensure that those who are in my committee will learn just as much as I did as a member and excel beyond their expectations. Our goal for this year is to achieve a bigger and better conference than all the ones in the past. This year, SERC will be held at the newly renovated Reitz Union and we are looking forward to utilizing the new facilities to ensure an unforgettable experience. We are also establishing a new carpool system to accommodate non-UF attendees and well as a ‘SASE Bnb™’, a system to house out-of-town attendees without needing to book a hotel room.

What I was most excited but also nervous about at the beginning of planning for RC was leading a committee. In the past, I have always worked as a member for projects, not necessarily a leadership position. Learning to work to individual member’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial in creating team dynamic.”