Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is made possible by the efforts of Ariel Tang, Abel Paguio, Anna Liou, Arianne Lazaro, Beatrice Villanueva, Daniel Sinto, David Chan, Jackie Lu, James Hsiung, Jordan Le, and Victor Lin.

What does your committee do?
The Marketing Committee works to spread the word of this year’s Southeast Regional Conference by creating a pinpointed marketing plan through all media. We are in charge of advertising through the use of promotional items, website, social media, and creative graphics. The Marketing Committee is the hub of creativity of SERC16. Registrants should be excited for the fun contests and promotional items we will be having this year!

What is something new your committee is doing this year for SERC?
Something new we have been working on is new promo videos and designs for our flyers. You may also find some new surprises in our swag bag this year!

What is your committee most excited for?
The Marketing Committee is excited for seeing everything come together. We have been preparing for the last few months and producing creative content to advertise Regional Conference. We can’t wait to see it all come together and go beyond our wildest expectations.