3D Printing

3D printing has taken the world by storm since its public emergence in 2009. The technology has found footing in diverse fields spanning from STEM education to innovative medical technologies. These achievements are groundbreaking, but 3D printing has the capability to do far more, it can motivate and inspire the next generation of engineering students and scientists. This workshop will teach attendees about the different processes and technologies that encompass 3D printing, inform students on the best use cases of the technology through a short study of DFM (Design for Manufacturing), and allow for real life demonstrations of the technology.

About the Speaker:
A second year engineering student, studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (with a minor in Computer Science), Brandon Rosenthal currently holds a research focus in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Since August of 2014, Brandon Rosenthal has served as the Co-Manager of the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s 3D printing lab. In this position, Brandon has worked to increase the accessibility of 3D printing technologies to UF engineering students, and has developed and patented technologies to improve the process of 3D printing.

As the chair of the College’s Strategic Planning student committee, Brandon advocated for the student perspective during the formation of the College’s plan for the next five years. As a part of this planning process, Brandon also served on the NEXUS Education Task Force where he consulted on future prototyping resources and provided student perspective pertaining to the planning of the college’s new building.

At the University level, Brandon currently serves on the University Libraries Committee where he has championed the development of a common website to showcase all university prototyping resources so more students have the opportunity to share in the substantial prototyping resources UF has to offer. Brandon also serves on the Career Resource Center (CRC) advisory board where significant policy decisions affecting the CRC are debated and defined.