Communication Skills in the WorkplaceCommunication Skills

“Which skill most governs an engineer’s career trajectory?  I’ll give you a hint.  It isn’t technical.  It also isn’t taught as part of a traditional engineering curriculum.  Come find out why I believe communication is the skill which will have the biggest impact on your career and what you can do about it.”

Mr. McMillen will be discussing the importance of communication skills for engineers. He will touch on why it is important to be able to easily convey your ideas in a variety of settings from design sessions to interdisciplinary meetings and presentations, how it impacts your career growth and what resources are available to improve these skills.

About the Speaker:
Curtis McMillen is the Director of Software Development at Infinite Energy.  In 2007, after graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, he began his career as a Web Developer at Infinite Energy.  Almost 10 years later he’s gone from building software, to building software teams, to building software departments which has given him first hand insights into what it takes to be successful at every level of a software development organization and why strong communication skills are vital.