Energy for the 21st Century
LT William Boyd

Pursue the highest degree of intellectual challenges in the nuclear field. Apply fundamentals of engineering in ways that not only help to defend our national security but also serve to better our world.

About the Speaker:
LT Boyd is a native of Westchester County, NY and after graduating from Quinnipiac University in 2002 with a B.S. in Management and Entrepreneurship, he enlisted in the Navy in 2003 to undergo training in Charleston, SC as a Nuclear Field Machinists Mate. LT Boyd has deployed 3 times to 5th and 6th Fleet in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Global War on Terrorism and other operations, as well as 2 deployments to 4th Fleet in support of Counter-narcotics, maritime interdiction, humanitarian aid, refugee and other operations. LT Boyd’s Qualifications include Chief Reactor Watch (A4W), Officer of the Deck (FFG and CG), and Aegis Tactical Action Officer (CG). LT Boyd is currently serving as an Officer Recruiter assigned to Navy Recruiting District Jacksonville and is scheduled to complete his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Florida in April 2016.