Dr. Stephanie Webster

This workshop will focus on all of the messages we send with our body language — both intended and unintended. We will then have an impromptu speaking ‘March Madness’ to practice taking our public speaking skills to the next level.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Webster is the Associate Director of the Dial Center for Written & Oral Communication at UF. Her job includes serving as the Director of Public Speaking which serves disciplines across campus through 28 sections of Public Speaking each semester in Liberal Arts and Science.  Dr. Webster also teaches Professional Communication to undergrads and grads in the Warrington College of Business. Dr. Webster completed her Bachelors degree at James Madison University and her Master’s degree at the University of Virginia, before coming to UF to complete her Ph.D. and becoming a Gator. In addition to Public Speaking, Dr. Webster teaches classes in Interpersonal Communication skills and Spirituality and Communication as part of the Communication Studies minor in the Dial Center.