Stephen Aument
Josephine Santiago-Bond
Jerry Garcia


NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida has supported many of the historic missions in the exploration and utilization of space. Now a 21st century, multi-user spaceport, KSC supports a broad variety of efforts to improve life on Earth and prepare for the journey to Mars and beyond. This workshop will describe life at KSC post-Space Shuttle era and share a variety of employee experiences before, during, and after the transition.

About the Speakers:
After graduating B.S. Electronics & Communications Engineering from the University of the Philippines in 2001, Josephine Santiago-Bond landed her first engineering job at Daktronics, Inc. designing sport products, and was accepted into the M.S. Electrical Engineering program at South Dakota State University. In 2003, she spent a summer at NASA Kennedy Space Center as an intern, was accepted as a cooperative intern in 2004, and converted into a permanent employee in 2005. She worked as an electrical engineer on new technologies, KSC ground systems design, and ground systems operations for the Space Shuttle Program and Ares I-X. She worked as a systems engineer for KSC ground systems design and supported mission systems engineering for the LADEE mission at Ames Research Center. She holds a graduate certificate in Space Systems Engineering, and is a graduate of the NASA SELDP and FIRST leadership development programs. She currently serves as a systems engineer for the RESOLVE payload project under the Resource Prospector mission, and chairperson of the Asian Pacific American Connection Employee Resource Group at KSC.

Jerry Garcia is a Senior Systems Engineer at NASA KSC Engineering Directorate. He has been with NASA for over 25 years with experience in designing, developing, testing, integrating, deploying, operating and maintaining hardware, software and information technology systems for human spaceflight, non-human spaceflight, command and control systems, data centers and wind tunnel projects. Mr. Garcia has worked at NASA Langley Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, Glenn Space Flight Center and Kennedy Space Center. He has held various positions as the ORION Deputy Chief Engineer, Space Command and Control System Engineering Project Manager, Space Shuttle Avionics System Engineer, Chief Architect for LaRC Data acquisition Systems and EOS Data Center, and now the Lead Systems Engineer for Ground Pneumatics Systems at KSC. Mr. Garcia has a MSEE from University of Virginia and BSEE from Old Dominion University.

Stephen graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Worked as a contractor for the Federal Aviation Administration to develop a new voice communication system. Recently, Stephen has joined the NASA family where he develops safety and mission critical software to support the new launch control system. This software will be utilized to command, control and monitor the next generation launch system for missions to Mars.