SASE's 6E's of Leadership

You probably have heard of or taken other leadership assessments, or models out there, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Strengthsfinders. However, what makes our LSA (Leadership Self Assessment) different, is that we focus on continuous reflection and direct feedback from others to help track the growth of your leadership development. With the SASE 6E leadership model (Envision, Engage, Energize, Empower, Execute, Elastic), you can redefine and recognize the way you see leadership, as well as identify which of your leadership styles are stronger than others. Because when these 6 powers combine, they create senSASEtional leaders!

About the Speakers:
Matt was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from Colorado School of Mines with an Electrical Engineering degree. Before joining SASE as the Collegiate Program Coordinator, Matt started his own legal services and identify theft protection business with LegalShield. He is not new at being a leader; he gained 10 years of personal and organizational leadership experience at LegalShield and even was a chapter President for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Matt leads with his heart and believes that integrity and cooperation brings out the best in people, and the ripple effect of bringing out the best in people, ultimately, brings out the best in an organization. He will be co-hosting the “SASE 6E’s of Leadership” workshop with Scott Gamit. Join them to learn more about how YOU can go Beyond Expectations!

Scott Gamit is a member of SASE’s National Leadership Initiative Committee and will be hosting the “SASE 6E’s of Leadership” workshop for this year’s SERC. After being an active member of the UF SASE chapter, Scott graduated from UF with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and took what he learned to a civil engineering consulting firm in his hometown Jacksonville, FL. Scott believes that the 6E workshop will either change the way you see leadership or create a foundation to get you thinking and acting about your leadership potential. Through interactive activities and discussion, the 6E’s will be fleshed out so once you grasp the concepts of the 6E’s, you will be ready to take what you learned and apply it to the real world. He hopes to have a packed room at his workshop, so come join him and Matt Diaz!